lev talk with bey marquez

1. What is your name? What do people call you? How young are you?

My name is Bea Marquez, people call me Bey! I’m 25 years old.

2. You are an entrepreneur. Can you tell us how you started?

Yes I am! I’m a businesswoman/entrepreneur! Ever since I graduated college, I worked for the family business right away. We own Invitation House, a specialty store that has branches all over Metro Manila. Since the brand focuses on stationery and graphic design, I handle the graphics, social media management, and product photography.

Last 2017, I also opened up a passion project called Elinora. I designed and sold native bags made from native products by local manufacturers. It was successful and I was even able to export abroad! However, due to work schedules, I wasn’t able to continue and by 2019, I stopped.

By September 2019, I jumped at the chance to take a tea workshop in Taiwan, with the hopes of opening my own tea business. We already prepared everything to set-up our very own brick and mortar store, but then the pandemic happened and everything stopped. Thus, High Noon was born. We took the opportunity to sell bottled tea drinks to people all over the Metro. It was a big hit, and we eventually ventured out into tea-infused desserts.

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3. Wow! You’re also talented in baking! Tell us a little more about that. We’re obsessed with @highnoonph cookies and your milk tea? topnotch.

I’ve always been interested in milk tea, cafes, and desserts, and High Noon is my brainchild that keeps growing as time progresses. We want to achieve that home cafe feel, wherein being stuck at home can take a toll on you.

Eating delicious food and creating beautiful recipes with our drinks and desserts can make people feel more creative and productive, as well as motivate them to get through the rest of the day.

We aim to make High Noon a part of their everyday lives-something special in the mundane of it all.  We also post recipes on our Tiktok account so if you want to DIY your own teas at home, check out our videos!

4. With the myriad of brands out there, where do you draw inspiration for your own brands?

Recently, our inspiration has been Korean cafes. We love the soft aesthetic of it all, the sincerity and the ingenuity. It’s so simple yet it evokes the feeling of warmth, and most especially, home.

5. On the other hand, how do you prevent burnout?

We remind ourselves why we started in the first place. High Noon is our passion, and when we are working towards something that we love, it doesn’t feel like work at all. Everyday is a chance to start anew, to refresh our minds with new ideas, and to make sure we give our best in everything we do.

6. What do you do as a hobby – something purely out of joy and love of?

Since I work from home, sometimes the lines are blurred between work and play. And it really helps that I do what I love, so I still work on new recipes and conceptualize on new content to post! Other than that, I’m into K-Pop and KDramas. They take my stress away at the end of the day, and I’m glad I have that to fall back on when I want to just relax and not think about work.

7. We’d love to hear some of your me-time routines.

I absolutely LOVE making my room feel like a spa. Not a night goes by wherein I wouldn’t light up a candle. It makes me feel warm and complete after a long day. I also love doing my skincare routine and putting face masks every now and then. That, plus my Indie KR&B playlist in the background, Empyrean lit up by my side, and snuggled under my weighted blanket is the perfect me-time for me.

8. Can you share something that you learned from doing your work?

Especially during this pandemic, I learned that resting is integral to work. Somehow, I would feel pressured to keep working and keep striving to do my best day-in and day-out, but to think about myself and allotting time to just breathe is so important.

I also learned that I should strive for progress, not perfection. As a perfectionist, I have to be less hard on myself and to just take it one step at a time.

9. What is one thing that surprised you when you started working as an entrepreneur?

I’m surprised I can concoct a lot of recipes! When I’m inspired by something, I would really research on different items to work with, so that I can continue to grow and learn.
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10. Is there a particular moment or memory throughout your journey that stands out to you? What made you feel during that moment?

Not really a particular moment, but whenever I hear reviews regarding our products, it gives me the warmest feeling. We work so hard to achieve what we have, conducting intense R&D to get the best quality and taste to bring to the table. When we hear people praise our hard work, it makes everything worth it.

11. Is there an achievement or contribution you are most proud of?

Everyday is a big achievement for us. Being able to bring out products that we are so proud of makes us feel accomplished because at the end of the day, we want to keep doing what we love.

12. How about something that inspires you as a person? Something that motivates you to do the daily grind.

Honestly, I gain strength from God. I surrendered my entire business to Him from the beginning, and each day I ask for wisdom and strength with whatever I am about to do – whether it be orders, or conceptualizing new items to release. When I wake up in the morning, I make sure that I offer my whole day to him, and He helps me get through it all.

13. Can you share some of the challenges you face in your business? What is the biggest challenge these days for you?

The biggest challenge is really just adapting to the changing times. Being a pandemic is not easy, and it can really pose a lot of trials for small businesses like us. However, we still try to look at it from a different perspective and in the end, we’re still grateful to even continue to work during this time.

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14. Can you share how you tackle these challenges?

We try to keep the audience engaged and interested by creating new content. Thus, we introduced our drink recipes. We share our creations on social media, hoping that our customers would try and do the same. Not only is it fun for us, but it keeps us motivated to try something new every week.

15. What would you say to someone who is going through the same thing or dreaming to do something that you do?

Pursuing to do what you love is the most important thing. Even if it’s tiresome, even if it can be hard at times, because it’s something that you really love, it wouldn’t feel that way. Just keep trying and keep doing and keep learning. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, and just do your best in whatever you’re faced with.

16. What do you want people to know about your work?

We do everything with love. As cliche as it sounds, it really is a product of our hard work and determination. We do everything ourselves-from conceptualizing the product, to brewing and baking, to posting on social media, to photography, to marketing. It’s something that evolved over time and will continue to grow in the future.

17. How has your work/business/hobby changed you as a person?

It really made me internalize my work habits. In this pandemic, I was put into a different work environment and situation, and I really learned a lot about myself – how I work under pressure, and how I handle challenges. I’m still a work in progress, and I’m thankful that I get to see this as a learning experience.

18. When there are days when you feel down, what is that one thing that will change your mood?

A good cup of coffee and a cookie, for sure!

19. Where do you get your personal motivation?

I get it from my family. They’re my #1 supporters in everything that I do, and because I’m working with my sister, she’s always there to comfort me, motivate me, and to push me to do better in everything that I do.

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20. What makes Bey happy?

This may sound shallow, but yummy desserts and good coffee makes me happy! Just smell it gives me butterflies inside, hehe.

21. We miss travelling. I’m sure you do, too! Where is your dream vacation?

I’ve always dreamt of going to Greece. Watching the sunset from Santorini, drinking a glass of champagne, and just relishing in the beauty of the island, that is something I would want to do in the future.

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22. Where do you see yourself 5 years or 10 years from now?

Definitely owning my own cafe. Maybe here, but dreaming big, perhaps abroad? Seoul, even? It’s far-fetched, but never say never.

23. If you have a superpower, what would it be and why?

I would have the superpower to teleport. I absolutely love traveling, and this pandemic really shot down all my chances of going around the past two years! Teleporting would give me the chance to go wherever, whenever-without needing a visa!

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24. What is your go-to comfort food?

I say this all the time to my friends, but hot Sinigang (has to be extra sour!) with freshly-cooked crispy Spam on the side and steaming hot rice just HITS the spot.

25. If you can buy one thing in the world, no matter how expensive, what would it be and why?

I would buy a concert ticket to see my favorite artists up-close. VIP tickets, AND backstage passes! I believe in investing in experiences, and knowing how concert tickets are so hard to get nowadays, this would be the perfect opportunity to do that.

Let’s talk candles!

26. Do you own a candle? If yes, why do you have one?

Multiple, I love candles! I love the feeling of having one, the warmth, the scent, and the feeling of home it evokes.

27. What are your candle scent profiles that you are most drawn to?

I love sweet candles, those that can make the room smell like you just baked some desserts! But for nights wherein I like to wind down, I love fresh scents.

28. When do you light your candle? What do you usually feel when you light it?

I light it at night, a few hours before I go to sleep. It’s my signal to get ready for bed, and to just set the mood for the room.

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29. Is there a certain memory or story that you remember when you light a candle?

My first candle experience would be buying Bath and Body Works candles. I would get sweet scents such as Campfire, Vanilla Bean, or Smores! Before, it would give me the feeling of being abroad and spending the autumn season there, that’s why I always associate it with warmth and cozy feelings.

30. What do you LEV most about our candles?

You don’t scrimp on the scent, that’s for sure. Even the cold throw is very powerful, which I love. It has a lasting scent that would just envelope the whole room, and it makes it feel very luxurious.


If there was one question you would want us to ask you but did not, what would it be?

Hmm, it would be – “What is your ideal working playlist?” If I must answer, it’s mostly R&B, Korean Cafe songs, and of course, my favorite K-Pop artists: NCT and EXO.

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