The 2021 Dreamscape Collection


Enter The Dreamscape – a collection inspired by weekend daydreams, sweet escapes and sensual trysts. Of fresh and bright summers in a countryside, picking out fresh fruits and flowers in a market to adventures in the forest, treks on mountains and diving into oceans to sweet and seductive fantasies that tickle the senses. The 2021 Dreamscape Collection is about making those recurring dreams and imagined escapes our own living realities.

Take a sparkling summer getaway with Kalon and Sweven, go on a daring adventure with Sisu and Firgun or indulge in a sensual awakening with Merak and Reverie. Light a candle and transport to your own dreamscape.

– verbena, orange, apple, jasmine, lily of the valley, floral bouquet, sweet and delicate floral
KALON – lemon, apple leaf, cedarwood, citrus accords, fun sparkling summer
SISU – white florals, mandarin, lotus, grapefruit, clean aqua floral 
FIRGUN –  fir, sea wind, ozone, vetiver, rosewood, woody aquatic
MERAK – honey, chocolate, patchouli, spicy woody gourmand
REVERIE –  vanilla bean, tonka bean, amber, orchid, brown sugar, oriental floral

Our Dreamscape Collection comes in a box of two candles. You may mix and match your own adventure, getaway and awakening. Enjoy!

* Each candle in the Dreamscape collection is 180g
* Candles in this collection are not sold individually


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Candle 1

Sweven, Kalon, Sisu, Firgun, Reverie, Merak

Candle 2

Sweven, Kalon, Sisu, Firgun, Reverie, Merak


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