Smells like hope – strong, rich and yet still subtle. Bold and yet soft. Sensual and yet slightly spicy. Complex yet undeniably simple. A balanced blend of sweet and musky, of airy and sophisticated with the hint of dark and mysterious. At the heart of this scent are plum and cardamom with notes of amber and musk lingering underneath. Hints of sea salt and citrus fill out the fragrance making for a seductively cozy candle that belongs in every home.

Size: 260G
Average 50 hours burn time
Handpoured in Manila

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Feeling hope at a time when fear, sorrow and grief have brought our worlds together unlike ever before. Acknowledging our raw emotions but letting a tiny light in, that little spark of stubbornness born of the belief that we are all in this together — and together, we can see this through. For us, this is Esperance – going through life, the waves, the seasons, the ups and the downs while carrying that tiny spark of hope.

The name behind the candle means to hope, a reason to hope and to not be afraid to hope. In the past months where hope seemed impossible – we wish that each time you light this candle, it will ignite a spark. A spark of hope and encouragement. Let the warm scent of Esperance embrace you as you hope for a better tomorrow.



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