This is our toast to youth – the wonder years that shape us and mold us, the stage of exciting encounters, warm hugs, sexy night-outs, unbridled spontaneity, uninhibited warm embraces, invincible confidence and that unshakable indomitable spirit.

A woody, spicy, creamy fragrance – Estrenar will elevate your spaces with the gentle calmess that sandalwood and water lily bring, the spicy hints of black cardamom and the creamy notes of amber, musk and vanilla.

Size: 260G
Average 50 hours burn time
Handpoured in Manila


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The beauty and wonder of first times. As we celebrate our first brand anniversary, we have chosen to release a scent that reminds us of when we experienced most of our firsts. And while we raise a toast to the stage where we experienced most of these moments, we want to remind ourselves to never stop seeking first times.

⌛️ Do you know why time whizzes by so quickly and life becomes a blur as we grow older? Neuroscientists believe that our brains process familiar information quickly. But when new information is introduced, it takes our brains longer to organize and synthesize the data, making the experience more memorable and time appear to slow down.

?? This explains exactly why we feel that time speeds up as we grow older. Why our childhood summers seem to go on forever, while the years of adulthood slip by while we’re busy grinding day in, day out.

? The more familiar the world becomes, the less information our brains write down, and the more quickly time seems to pass.

Let Estrenar remind you to do something new every day. Look forward to doing, wearing, using or experiencing something for the first time again. Life is short, yes, but first moments make it feel much longer.


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