Smooth, slightly sweet and delightfully mellow. An uplifting, gentle and clean scent balancing the soft floral notes of jasmine and lily of the valley blended with a hint of tonka bean and woody, ozonic accords. It feels like opening the windows to your dream beach house. The smell of the ocean comes rushing in as the waves gently crash to shore. Infused with a hint of sea salt, this scent fills your home with soft sun and salty sea. Kick off those home slippers, light this candle, breathe in the scents of that much-needed seascape and bathe in the comfort of your own safe sanctuary.

Size: 260G
Average 50 hours burn time
Handpoured in Manila

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As we build our hope for just a little bit better tomorrow than yesterday, we take comfort in knowing that when things get too tough, we can always go back to our QUERENCIA. The place we draw our strength, where we feel at home, where we put our defenses down and feel our most authentic self. It can be a place, a person, a time, a memory.


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