TEMAZCAL is a ceremony steeped in Mexican heritage. It involves participants sitting in a traditional sweat lodge for health and therapeutic benefits. It is very revitalizing and helps to regenerate body and soul by getting in touch with nature through the four element – the boiling water, the steam that you breathe, the soil that connects you with the earth and the fire that is used to heat the stones that are placed in the center of the temazcal to evaporate the water. Taking a temazcal has many benefits for the mind, body, and spirit. Think a ”purification” – because if the body is clean, the mind is the same.

LEV Leisure Pursuits Collection is a toast to living hard, working hard and resting hard.

Temazcal has notes of 100% Palo Santo, clove, cypress and sage. It’s a subtle spicy and woody scent with a pinch of orange and a dap of clove. Not a fan of perfume-like scents? This is made for you. One of our higher premium scents that is certified 100% Natural and ISO 9235 Certified.

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