Warm, rich, evocative. A deep, moody, powerful scent owing to its earthy and musky tones. If you are not a fan of lavender, you will become one after this. The blend of Egyptian amber, myrrh and tonka bean make for a sultry and sweet combination but the scent is perfectly rounded out by the herbaceous, earthy and slightly floral clary sage. A scent to light up for a warm, relaxing night filled with bubble baths, champagne, warm hugs.

Size: 260G
Average 50 hours burn time
Handpoured in Manila

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VALOUR is courage. A step forward Рno matter how scary, tiny or wobbly Рto the unknown. Feeling afraid, feeling like running back to your comfort zone, feeling churning in your stomach with all the panic-inducing echoes in your head but taking that step anyway. It is coming from a raw, earnest place Рof both knowing and not knowing Рbut forging on ahead. No turning back, you are Valour.


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